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Defender project, even remotely, achieved an important milestone<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />’importante-milestone/Defender project, even remotely, achieved an important milestoneDefender project, even remotely, achieved an important milestone<p style="text-align:justify;">​​​DEFENDER Consortium (POLITO, CIRA, AEROSEKUR, SSM) and Leonardo Helicopter held a remote meeting to fulfill the Critical Design Review of innovative Fuel Storage System of the NextGen of Civil Tilrotor. <br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">Despite the COVID-19 Global emergency, more almost thirty engineers and technicians discussing the improvements, innovations included certification by Analysis Assisted Certification approach to freeze the detail design of the system.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">The Clean Sky 2 Project DEFENDER and Leonardo Helicopter completed the CDR of the project that will give the start of the manufacturing phase of NGCTR-TD's fuel storage system.<br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">April 11, 2020<br></p><p><br></p>2020-04-13T22:00:00Z

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