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Manufacturing Processes on Metallic Materials<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Processes on Metallic MaterialsManufacturing Processes on Metallic Materials<h3>Goals</h3><ul style="text-align:justify;"><li><p>The main goals of this researcharea are:</p></li><li><p>Acquire Know-How on the metallic production process in order to allow the technological transfer to the aerospace industrial field;</p></li><li><p>Characterize the components made by advanced production technologies;</p></li><li><p>Save costs and production times of metallic parts made by advanced productive process compared to the traditional ones;</p></li><li><p>Investigate post-processing effective techniques aimed at the improvement of the chemical, physical, mechanical and surface related features of components made by innovative production process;</p></li><li><p>Build lighter and efficient metallic structures.</p></li></ul><h3>Research topics</h3><ul><li><p>Process and Product Characterization;</p></li><li><p>Process Control;</p></li><li><p>Additive Layer Manufacturing.</p></li></ul>