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Flight Dynamics and Simulation<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Dynamics and SimulationFlight Dynamics and Simulation<h3></h3><p></p><h3>Main goals:</h3><ul><li>Development of virtual environments for modelling and simulation (fast-time and real-time) of the dynamics of aerospace vehicles and their on-board subsystems, by using modern Component Oriented modelling techniques.</li><li>Development of virtual environments for modelling and simulation (fast-time and real-time) of complex, hybrid, and multi-agent systems</li><li>Definition and development of techniques and tools for the robustness analysis of open loop (performance analysis and flight mechanics) and closed loop (clearance of flight control laws) systems.</li><li>Definition and development of techniques and tools for the mission design and the trajectory definition of space vehicles.</li><li>Definition and development of methodologies and tools for the estimation from flight data of the parameters that characterize the dynamic behavior of an aerospace vehicle and/or its board subsystems.</li></ul><h3>Main research topics:</h3><ul><li>Modelling of complex, hybrid and multi-agent systems:</li><ul><li>Realistic simulation environments for ATM scenarios, inclusive of large number of heterogeneous models, for the analysis and validation of operating procedures</li><li>Multi-agent simulation environments aimed at the verification of GNC algorithms for UAV formations</li><li>Integration of the elastic modes into simulation models of large aircraft, rotary wing and hypersonic vehicle, aimed at the design of GNC algorithms</li></ul><li>Techniques for model identification from flight data, applicable to complex aerodynamic regimes (transonic) or flexible or multi-body aircraft</li><li>Techniques for spacecraft mission and trajectory nonlinear parametric optimization</li><li>Uncertainty modelling and methodologies for the robustness analysis with respect to the model uncertainties</li><li>Systems for the prevention and management of hazardous flight conditions (Upset)</li></ul><p><br></p><p></p>