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Missione su Marte sempre più vicina con il progetto Space manufacturing in-situ

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Mars mission even closer with in-situ space manufacturing project<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />ù-vicina-con-il-progetto-space-manufacturing-in-situ/Mars mission even closer with in-situ space manufacturing projectMars mission even closer with in-situ space manufacturing project<p></p><p>The Space manufacturing in-situ project, recently funded by the Ministry for Universities and Research (MUR) with four million euro, has been presented by the Aerospace District of Sardinia (DASS), in collaboration with the Centre for Research, Development and Advanced Studies in Sardinia (CRS4), University of Cagliari, the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA), ALI Consortium, Avio and Lead Tech.​<br></p><p>The project's objective is to define a mission for the transfer to the surface of Mars of suitable apparatuses for the in-situ production of physical assets to support future settlements on the red planet.</p><p>To reach such goals, the activities include the exploitation of key space technologies, such as launch systems, propulsion systems, and innovative thermal protection systems in the ditching phase, as well as the development of apparatuses for the production of structural elements that can take advantage of the materials available on the Martian soil.<br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p>​<br></p>2023-07-04T22:00:00Z

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