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Premiato studio sull’intrusione di droni negli aeroporti

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Award-winning paper about drone intrusions in airports

CIRA has been awarded the “Certificate of Appreciation for Best Papers" for one of the best papers presented at ECAI 2021 conference (“13th Edition of the International Conference on Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence", Pitesti, Romania, 01-03 July 2021), sponsored by IEEE.

The article is entitled “Historical Data Analysis and Modelling for Drone Intrusions in Airports" and it is based on the results achieved in ASPRID project (Airport System Protection From Intruding Drones). It represents a joint work between the Safety and Security unit of CIRA (Domenico Pascarella, Gabriella Gigante, Francesco Nebula e Angela Vozella) and the partners AENA, ENAIRE and INTA.

The paper deals with the analysis and modelling of historical data related to drone intrusions in airports. Starting from the analysis of several public databases with sighting reports of unauthorized drones, the work provides a quantitative assessment of the historical features of airport drone intrusions and their models by means of probability distributions. Moreover, the paper proposes a risk classification model by supervises machine learning and presents a preliminary analysis for the definition of an airport vulnerability index with respect to drone intrusions.

​The awarded research work has been started within GARTEUR Aviation Security Group of Responsables  and it has been supported by ASPRID project.

ASPRID​ (Airport System PRotection from Intruding Drones) has been funded by SESAR Joint Undertaking with Grant Agreement No 892036 within “European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme".



ASPRID - Airport System PRotection from Intruding Drones<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> - Airport System PRotection from Intruding DronesASPRID - Airport System PRotection from Intruding Drones

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