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International workshop on Nuclear Technologies for agricolture<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> workshop on Nuclear Technologies for agricoltureInternational workshop on Nuclear Technologies for agricolture<p>​​​​<br></p><p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>International workshop on Nuclear Technologies for agricolture 4.0 : "</strong><strong>Discovering the benefits of environmental radioactivity for a sustainable agriculture"​</strong></p><p style="text-align:justify;">The C4E ("Crowd for the Environment") project, coordinated both managerially and scientifically/technically by CIRA, aims to protect the environment through the development of an innovative framework, based on information technologies and Earth Observation, for detection and characterization of illegal spills (such as illegal landfills, micro-landfills or illegal releases in surface waters) and the organization of subsequent on-site monitoring actions. The aim is to support decision makers with continuously updated analysis on large geographical areas, even not directly observable from ground but monitorable by sensors on board drones, aircraft or satellites.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">(for more info on the C4E Project <a href="" target="_blank"><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-4">click here</span></a>)</p><p style="text-align:justify;">In this context an important activity is the development of methodologies and applications of "Experimental measurements of gamma spectroscopy, photogrammetric, thermal and multispectral on board of aircraft and drones for the characterization of natural and artificial radionuclides and the state of health of the territory" that CIRA it is implementing in collaboration with the researchers of the CFR (Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca), of the University of Ferrara and of the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics).</p><p style="text-align:justify;">As part of the dissemination program of the project, it is planned to carry out a series of thematic workshops, starting from this one, which in line with the new PRORA program, <strong>focuses on the common impacts of such technologies both for environmental protection and for sustainable agriculture, with particular reference to the analysis carried out with gamma spectrometry.</strong></p><p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>For more details and free registration to the webinar, please visit the </strong><a href="" target="_blank"><strong class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-4">workshop website</strong></a><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;"><br></p><p><br></p>12/17/2020 11:00:00 PM12/17/2020 11:00:00 PM12/2/2020 11:00:00 PMGP0|#641b129f-dbc2-40a4-879d-57800cb509c9;L0|#0641b129f-dbc2-40a4-879d-57800cb509c9|Workshop;GTSet|#f95fe7e3-b647-4453-bf94-904923324971;GPP|#18eb5d93-a895-45ea-8d07-76cc2e1a43bbdalle 09:30 alle 13:00







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